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Mendenhalls Museum of Gasoline Pumps


In the fifties, Jack Mendenhall owned & operated a Richfield Service Station and had a towing contract with AAA. After selling the station in the late seventies he went on the road as a traveling salesman. He traveled the continental United States selling signs. But mostly… he collected.

The museum is on the original site of his wrecking yard and displays many of the items he collected while on the road. Many of the things in the museum are from his early years of picking up things that appealed to him. (Jack was the “original” American Picker!)

For twenty five years Mark & Vickie had a Chevron Service Station (the station Jack first started in). After years of un-loading his Dad’s treasures, they got the collecting bug, too. They continue to add to, and enhance, the museum.

Gas-UpJack and Mark were involved in several racing venues, the last of which was Land Speed Racing. Because of his love of the sport Jack volunteered the use of his home for the Hall of Fame ceremonies. He became a Lifetime Member of the 200 MPH Club in 1991 after breaking the record with a speed of 207.015. Mark reached the speed of 210.114 in the same car in 1996. In 1993 Jack was inducted into the Land Speed Hall of Fame.

Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame